The collection

Take a first-hand look at the new Camouflage for Pirin 2020 collection.
As any other camouflage attire, it serves one sole purpose – blending in with your surroundings.

Unlike the new draft management plan for Pirin National Park, which disregards the current trends in biodiversity conservation, this collection follows all the latest trends in construction apparel.
Camouflage for Pirin also draws inspiration from the past. In 2010, UNESCO excluded the Bansko and Dobrinishte ski areas (part of Pirin National Park) from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, after confirming that nature there had been irreversibly damaged and urbanized by skiing facilities.
Biologists, foresters, environmentalists and many scientists challenge the value of the new draft management plan of Pirin National Park. Big business, politicians and fashionistas, however, find this collection a unique breakthrough in style.